Bebe Cool sponsored kids under medical care in India

One of the kids undergoing treatment in India

The five children sponsored by singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool to go to India for treatment continue to receive medical care.

They are; Emmie Ogwang, Bbosa Rashid, Maseruka Jovan, Namuyomba Shilat and Mukyadondwa Anthony.

They are all admitted at Narayana Health Hospital in Bengarore – India.

Last week, Baby Emmie got a CT cardiac scan, Rashid underwent initial evaluation for surgery allocation, Shilat was discharged from cardiac team and re-admitted in Multi-speciality, Jovan got a CT cardiac scan ahead of surgery allocation while Anthony was on MRI cardiac plan.

New Medical Update

Bebe Cool said on Thursday that the kids had undergone more treatment.

Master Rashidi is on antibiotics due to cough and a running nose.

Baby Emmy has a fever and is on medicine.

Baby Anthony is getting discharged today and will move to Online hotel.

Master Jovan is waiting for a HCV PCR report and was referred to Gastro team while Shirat has tuberculosis [T.B].



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