Rwanda blocks illegal company World Ventures


Rwanda Development Board [RDB] has issued a public notice warning the general public to beware a company called “World Ventures”, accused of undertaking business in Rwanda illegally.

RDB concludes the company possesses characteristics of a pyramid scheme, which are illegal in Rwanda.

Rwanda Development Board seeks to fast track Rwanda’s economic development by enabling private sector growth.

“Due to some confusion and doubt on the authenticity of the announcement RDB made last evening pertaining to World Ventures, please see the signed copy of the public announcement,” RDB tweeted on Wednesday.

World Ventures is not registered as a business in Rwanda. Anyone engaging with this company does so at their own risk, RDB said.

World Ventures, a firm that has been branding itself as a multi-level travel company has been deemed as a possible pyramid scheme by the government.

RDB says those engaging with the firm are doing so at their own risk.



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