Musisi cancels Kampala city festival

KCCA ED Jennifer Musisi

Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] executive director Jennifer Musisi has cancelled this year’s Kampala city festival.

The Kampala City Festival started seven years ago and on average hosts about 5 million people from within and outside the region.

It has also become a big opportunity for our partners and public who come and do business on that day.

“And a big event for the entertainers as well. The money from the proceeds have been going towards rehabilitation of our city schools,” she told press Wednesday.

In addition to what the government gives KCCA, Kampala City Festival partners have done a great job in helping improve city schools.

“We have been working closely with the partners to improve the Kampala City Festival experience. This year, we have agreed to focus the contributions of our partners on actually implementing projects to improve our schools and health centres.”

KCCA says it will start with re-roofing Nakibubo blue and Nakivubo settlement primary schools and also, build a maternity ward at Kiswa health centre.

“We shall not have a street party this year but focus all our sponsors’ contributions to the CSR cause. Improving our health centres and removing asbestos from our city schools. Thank you for partnering with us over the years and request for your continued support even for this cause.”

Last year, Musisi spent Shs1bn on organising the city carnival.



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