Kirumira victim of regime longevity, says Muntu

Gen Mugisha Muntu

Former army commander and FDC party president Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu says although former Buyende DPC Muhammad Kirumira was killed, his ideals will live on.

ASP Muhammad Kirumira was a good man, Muntu said, adding that Kirumira was a consummate serviceman who understood that his duty to country far superseded that to his superiors.

“Kirumira served his country with distinction and honour. He is dead, but the ideals he stood for live on,” Muntu noted.

Yesterday, Ms. Resty Nalinya Mbabazi was laid to rest. She is the woman who was killed with Kirumira.

“Like many before her, she became yet another victim of a security and political problem that’s getting out of hand,” Muntu said.

He added: “Government must put national interests ahead of regime longevity. We all lose when they don’t.”

Muntu observed that from rejecting bribes and arresting suspects to respecting human rights and the role of journalism, Kirumira served his country with distinction and honour.

“Beyond the insecurity that has ended his life and the politics that saw him punished for his good deeds, we as a nation must take pause and ask ourselves in what ways we can live up to the exceptional example Kirumira set for us all and serve our country as well as he did. He is dead, but the ideals he stood for live on.”

–Uganda’s stability–

While speaking at a consultative meeting in Rukungiri last week, Muntu said several concerns were raised about the weakening position of FDC as a result of internal conflicts as well as his working with new political actors in recently concluded elections.

As many have come to acknowledge, political change is not going to come as a result of any one party or group, he noted.

“We need to build the kind of networks and alliances that will enable us to work with like-minded people on agreed issues.”

He said Uganda’s stability hinges not on the dominance of one party over others but the prominence of people-driven agendas over individuals.

“Our struggle cannot just be about taking power or political dominance. We must fulfil the dreams of a nation and honour the trust of our people.”

 He added: “To do this, we must we willing to be honest about whether we work best within one big party or as an alliance of several like-minded players with different approaches towards the same goal. We will be conducting one final consultative meeting.”

–About late ASP Kirumira–

The late ASP Muhammadi Kirumira joined the Police Force as a Probation Police Constable on 29th, January 2005.

After his training in Kabalye Police Training School, he was posted to Kibaale District as his first duty station as a detective.

During his 13 years of service in the Uganda Police Force, he worked in various places and held various responsibilities.

He rose through the ranks to the current rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP).

He is remembered to have served in the CID department but was later reverted to uniform.

He served in many areas including the following: OC Owino, OC Kulambiro, Oc Station Bwera, OC Station Nansana and later he was elevated to head Old Kampala Police Division as DPC in 2016.

In 2017, he was transferred to Buyende District which was his last posting.

He excelled in most of these areas where he was posted. However, in service he had challenges, complaints were levelled against him and they were investigated as service offences.



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