Kaweesi girlfriend in court over ISO house arrest

Christine Mbabazi

Former police spokesperson, Andrew Felix Kaweesi‘s girlfriend has petitioned High Court protesting confinement at her home by Internal Security Organisation [ISO].

Christine Mbabazi had earlier reached out to the President denouncing the methods used by ISO boss Kaka Bagyenda to extort confessions from her regarding the murder of Kaweesi.

Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Kaweesi was assassinated on March 17 alongside his bodyguard and driver near his home in Kulambiro.

Last year, police, ISO operatives and the army clashed at her home in Lungujja, Rubaga Division, creating panic.

ISO then placed Mbabzi under tight guard. In her application for a habeas corpus, Mbabazi said she has been under siege since September 15, 2017.

ISO claims she is a potential witness in the murder of Kaweesi and must be protected.

“I am not allowed visitors I am not allowed to communicate outside my house even via phone calls, internet or anything. I am incarcerated in my house with my children,” she said.

Mbabazi says the house arrest was ordered by Col. Kaka Bagyenda, the director General of Internal Security Organisation.

Col Kaka claims that he is keeping her under lock and key because she is a potential witness in the death of A/IGP Felix Kaweesi or a potential accused, reads her affidavit dated September 6, 2018.



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