Museveni: first of all I’m not Bosco, Amin was a puppet

Museveni rides a bicycle

President Museveni now filially addressed as “Jajja” is quoted denying being a one Bosco Katala while addressing press at State House Entebbe Sunday night.

“First of all, I am not Bosco [Katala],” Museveni said, while attacking media and social media platforms for driving a negative agenda against the country.

The president was christened that name by his grandchildren [bazukulu] in reference to MTN telecom’s #MomoPay hit advert ‘Bosco’.

The advertisement which has since taken the country by storm tells the story of an ordinary city born Bosco Katala and how his life becomes simplified with the introduction of mobile money.

Ugandans have since satirised the president nicknaming him “Bosiko” for reportedly using a bicycle to fetch water for irrigation and carry bananas as seen at his Luweero farm.

There were reports that the regulator Uganda Communications Commission [UCC] had banned the ad after social media enthusiasts used it to ridicule the president but UCC spokesperson, Pamela Ankunda, called it another set of fake news.

As part of the achievements of the NRM government, Bosco ad paints a positive picture of a cashless economy adopting digital technologies.

Amin was a puppet

Addressing the nation, Museveni said NRM is strengthening Uganda actually hence there is no harm in having a responsible and truthful press, at least, within Uganda.

“We can, then, see how to deal with the racist foreign media which believes that Africans are incapable of doing anything right unless they are puppets of Western interests.”

He said the West has had a lot of puppets in Africa since 1960 – Mobutu, Banda, Idi Amin, Habyarimana, Kayibanda etc. – who destroyed those African countries.

Patriots, some of whom may have their own mistakes, where they are in charge, have reversed the decline of Africa. Uganda is certainly on the ascent, Museveni explained.

“Uganda is not a failed state.  It has powerful institutions: the armed forces, the LC structures, the Leagues, the District Parliaments (Councils – 123 of them), the National Parliament, the Ministries etc., etc.”

Museveni pushing a bicycle

He added: “Ugandans you liberated yourselves from tyranny and death.  See the mass graves in the Luweero Triangle. We are the only ones that can guarantee our future.  The way it was in the past, so it is today and so it shall in the future.  We are the ones to guarantee our future working with friends that respect our sovereignty and our intelligence.”

Museveni said his government has already put on the ground as the foundation, being a very rich country in the first place, is on a rapid growth and transformation trajectory.

“We should not allow the diversion of any of our people by the tendecious and mendacious media – local or foreign.  Organisationally and technically, we are going to deploy means to handle this sabotage.”



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