Kirumira demise: Sheikh raps state, demands Kitatta release

Mufti Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje.

Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje says people used to praise this government via security but is now seeing blood shed currently.

“What went wrong?” Mubajje wondered while addressing mourners at Old Kampala Mosque on Sunday.

The Mufti of Uganda described slain ASP Muhammad Kirumira as a lover of peace, a social person and a Muslim.

“Your crime was to birth to Kirumira and teach him how to speak the truth, the reason he is now gone,” he told Kirumira’s parents.

Sheikh Mubajje said the country has lost very many people, even AIGP Felix Kaweesi and shall not forget them.

“But the big question is, why is it that the biggest number of murders happens to Muslims? People had peace before but blood is being spilled and we keep asking, what went wrong. We need justice and equality, we need government to rule with equal rights to everyone, especially towards Muslims.”

Sheikh Mubajje demanded for truth to be given priority, not treated like trash.

Mufti also demanded that Abudalla Kitata, the patron of Boda Boda 2010 be released and given Justice.

Kitatta is accused of illegal possession of fire arms. Kitatta and 12 others are also under trial in the army court.

The Mufti also emphasised on the issue of respect and equal justice for the brothers in the Muslim fraternity telling them to instead turn to God for his the only judge.

Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa also said the number of Moslems who are dying in this manner is increasing but begged all the brothers in the Muslim fraternity to remain calm.

“We have seized to be human. We need to respect human life, human dignity, and forgive each other.”

He added: “But accountability shall remain. In this kind of death we have a long list, which is still very painful and this shall remain so until justice prevails.”

He said if not given justice, then God will because Muslims have been attacked from all angles.

“We need an action programme. We have patiently waited for the report of the previous murders we have been taken for granted.”

“When we continue to lose people in this kind of manner, our country loses dignity. We need to respect, forgive and be tolerant of each other in all situations.”

He concluded: “In this kind of death, we have lost very many people (Muslims) and it’s still very painful in our memory, this shall remain so until justice is provided, silence doesn’t mean justice.”



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