I knew my son would be killed, says Kirumira’s dad

Kirumira's father Abubakar Kawoya appearing in police court to attend son's trial back in April

Abubaker Kawooya, the father of slain former Buyende district police commander Muhammad Kirumira says he wasn’t surprised by the news of his son’s death.

“I was expecting it and I knew it would happen soon. I’m strong because as you can see, they hurt the entire country,” he told mourners on Sunday.

Earlier in February this year, Kirumira reported to Lungujja police, a case SD REF: 43/28/02/2018, stating that his life was threatened by unknown people following his car using numberless motorcycles.

On September 8, Kirumira was shot from his car by assailants riding motorcycles in Bulenga.

While addressing the Muslim community praying for his son at Old Kampala Mosque, Kawooya said he was grateful for the love given to his family and and son Kirumira.

“I have lost son but we have all lost. Thank you for loving Kirumira and supporting him in all his years on earth. We have a long list of Muslims who have died like this, we want the authorities to take this seriously, but I call upon all Muslims to be calm.”

According to Kirumira’s mother Sarah Namuddu, the two drove to an event in Katereke in Nsangi on Saturday.

Kirumira’s parents

“He told me that he had another event along Mityana road. He left me at the event at 2pm and went to the other event along Mityana road,” Namuddu is quoted by Daily Monitor as saying.

But what is surprising to Namuddu who said that Kirumira was his third born among her six children, was information from a boda boda rider who gave her a ride from Busega roundabout stage.

“It was slightly after 8pm. The boda boda didn’t know who I was and told me a story of how a one Kirumira had been shot. He told me Kirumira was not dead but I insisted that what I know is that when people are shot they don’t survive,” she is further quoted by Monitor.

At the scene of Kirumira’s murder, near Musoke road at Bulenga, his vehicle a blue Toyota Corona had five bullet marks through the driver’s seat and then they had ripped through the co-driver’s seat killing Resty Nalinya initially believed to be his wife but later clarified by police as being not.

During the last Idd prayers, according to Saidat Nakibinge, Kirumira told Muslims that he knew of people trailing him.



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