UN is just business, very useless-Museveni

Museveni addressing press at State House Entebbe [Photo by Nicholas Bamulanzeki]

President Museveni says United Nations [UN] has now become a business and has no further use one the world stage.

The United Nations is an intergovernmental organisation tasked to promote international co-operation and to create and maintain international order.

Founded on October 24, 1945, San Francisco, California, United States, the world body is headquartered in New York City, New York, United States and now headed by Antonio Guterres.

“The United Nations (UN) is now just a business, very useless,” Museveni told press at State House Entebbe on Sunday evening.

He said Uganda doesn’t need the UN to defend it because the national army [UPDF] is capable.

“We have a very capable national army in spite of a small national budget. Countries in Africa that cannot defend themselves have these useless UN pouring around, but we defend ourselves.”

The president said Africa was colonised because of the traditional leaders who were busy fighting one another instead of uniting to fight the enemies who had invaded.

Critics are already insinuating that the president is angry with UN for moving its base from Entebbe to Nairobi in Kenya.

Speaking in April this year, Museveni had said he cannot invite UN to Uganda because it was incapable of solving African conflicts.

In May, UN moved its base upon which Museveni wrote to the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres formally tabling Uganda’s displeasure and protest over his recommendation to drop Entebbe as a UN regional service centre.

In the letter, the President noted as “unfair” a decision to pick Nairobi over Entebbe to host the world body’s regional service centre in Africa even when Uganda and Kenya are “friendly neighbours”.

The other two recommended locations are the Hungarian capital, Budapest, and Mexico City — one of the world’s dangerous cities rife with murders, drug traffickers and criminal gangs.

Secretary-general Guterres, in a May 1 report to UN’s Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ), noted: “The location assessment proposal is contingent on host country consultations…this combination of locations (Budapest, Mexico City, and Nairobi) would provide time zone and regional coverage, ensuring a strong business continuity…”

ACABQ is a 16-member committee of experts elected by UN General Assembly whose members, in theory, serve as individuals rather than respective country representatives and its decisions are not final.



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