No one is safe, Bobi Wine mourns Kirumira

Bobi Wine and Kirumira

Ailing Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has mourned the passing of his friend and former Buyende DPC Muhammad Kirumira.

“I just got the terrible news of the shooting of my good friend, and outspoken police officer, Muhammad Kirumira,” Bobi Wine said in a social media message.

He added: “Very sadly, that is the country we are living in. No one is safe. Our country is bleeding. This is very painful.”

Addressing an international press conference in Washington DC this week, Bobi Wine said he will fight for freedom until Museveni is gone or die trying.

“I am emboldened by the people of Uganda who have understood our message that power lies with them. Despite state intimidation and repression, they have persistently been vocal in saying that the power of the people is more powerful than the people in power,” he said.

He cited peaceful protests in USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and China.

“The message has been uniform- Free Uganda! I therefore appreciate you all and remind you that we have more work to do together. We have already seen that we can achieve a lot when we unite and stand together.”

He said People Power is the people. It is not Bobi Wine. “It is not about me. I am just a Ugandan like any other. A Ugandan who desires to live in a better country. A Ugandan who has risen from the Ghetto and was very lucky to be elevated by the people to where I am today. And when I speak, their voice is echoed through me.”

He added: “People Power is the millions of young Ugandans who have gone to school, spent all their parents’ fortunes to get an education but cannot find employment. They have instead been marginalized in an economy that works for a lucky few.”

People Power is the Ugandan people who have been yearning for democracy for decades. They know that they got a raw deal under the different regimes after independence and have been longing for the day they will be in charge of their country, he explained.



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