Museveni: foreign states won’t help opposition liars

Museveni addresses press

President Museveni has said indisciplined opposition politicians that are accused of terrorism should be handled firmly.

“Telling lies to foreign countries will not help them,” Museveni noted while addressing press at State House Entebbe on Sunday evening.

Thirdly, restraining youth from following those indisciplined opposition politicians, he pointed out.

He said the youth are being paid money to involve themselves in riots by burning tyres on roads, commit arson and throw stones.

He said the campaign against Uganda by some indisciplined elements will not help anyone.

“They cannot stop the galloping Ugandan economy. If you give bad publicity the tourists may fear to come, but the factories cannot migrate.”

He added: “We shall not allow anybody to burn Kampala. There is also unemployment, but that should not be treated as a very bad thing.”

Museveni said his government protected these youth from childhood by immunizing them, educated them, and some have been able to find jobs.

“We are still working on the issue of unemployment.”

He was referring to supporters of MPs like Bobi Wine, Kasiano Wadri and Francis Zaake who reportedly stoned his convoy in Arua town.

The MPs are on trial for treason in Gulu court alongside other 33 opposition supporters.

Bobi Wine is also accused of telling lies to foreign media to buy sympathy of foreign powers.

Museveni said because of uniting the people of Uganda, NRM has been winning elections repeatedly since 1994.

He said in the last 32 years, the NRM has not only resurrected the island of modernity but expanded it.

“I called you here to correct the pessimism being spread by malicious liars, those elements can’t stop the economy Uganda from growing. Their malice may temporarily affect sectors like tourism but things like factories will not migrate.”

He added: “This is madness when people(NGOS) come & tell you that Africa’s problem is over population…Some myopic and greedy people think that they are too clever and that what the NRM thinks does not matter.”

He said if there is any problem in Uganda, he [Museveni] surely shall handle it better than the outsider.

“These foreigners may think Africans are weak and foolish. However, God sometimes stands with the weak, Africa may one day surprise those who abuse her.”

MPs were not tortured

Museveni said the issue of torture in Uganda is something that will not take him 10 minutes to understand because he has been observing these issues for the last 26 years.

“What if it turns out that those who say were tortured were not tortured and that the reality was different. What happens to the false accusations.”



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