Mourners in red block police ahead of Kirumira burial

Mourners face off with police in Bulenga

Mourners donning “people power” red colours have blocked police from entering Muhammad Kirumira’s home in Bulenga, Wakiso district.

Earlier, the angry mourners had demanded that his body be taken to his home, exclaiming that enough was enough.

Kirumira was shot dead last night alongside Resty Mbabazi [Nalinya]. Kirumira will be buried today in Mpambire in Mpigi district as he earlier decreed.

Mourners at his Bulenga home were seen wearing symbolic “People Power” red head bands chanting “People Power”.

Mourners at Kirumira’s house

They vowed to ‘stone’ any police officers who will work as ballbearers when Muhammad Kirumira’s body is brought home.

His widow, Mariam Kirumira, says the weapon that has killed her husband is still out there and will kill another wife’s husband, somebody’s child.

Security has been heightened at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council ahead of the late ASP Muhammad Kirumira’s funeral prayers.

Police hunts killers

Addressing press at Naguru headquarters on Sunday, police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said the will find the killers of Muhammed Kirumira and hope Ugandas will help not give way to fear.

“We are all here to discuss the gruesome death of ASP Kirumira who was killed yesterday while going back home. He was gunned down by 2 men riding boda bodas and they got away.”

Kayima said Kirumira excelled at his roles but in service, he had some challenges and its unfortunate that he has been assassinated.

The late Kirumira joined police in 2004 and he grew through the ranks first, he worked under various sections of the police and he worked so well.

“We knew him as a very hardworking man. We strongly condemn such acts and vow to find such people, we must act together to stamp out insecurity. We will be going to Mpambire for the burial of our officer this afternoon.”



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