Mariam Kirumira: gov’t knew but did nothing as my man was killed

Kirumira and Mariam

The wife of slain police chief Muhammad Kirumira has spoken out on the murder of her husband.

“The same weapon that was used to kill Kirumira is what will be used to kill someone else,” she told NTV at her home in Bulenga Wakiso district on Sunday morning.

“I ask government…whatever is happening was aware, it started when government was aware. Why cant government stop this? Many people are suffering but they have no way,” a teary Mariam said.

“Why can’t government care for the common person? Today they killed my husband, tomorrow they will kill another woman’s husband.”

Victoria University

She went on: “I ask Government to come out and put an end to this criminality. When our people die, we ask for reports but we never get them.”

Kirumira and his family in good times

Police had earlier clarified that Mariam was alive and the woman shot dead was a one Resty Nalinya.

“When you speak, you die. When you keep quiet, you die so better speak and die when the message has reached the people,” the former Buyende DPC had told NTV before his death.

According to Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, President Museveni should swallow his pride and admit that the situation in the country has gone out of hand because that is the first step to finding solutions to the problem.

Mariam is alive

“It is a terrible situation. The question we ask is no longer about who did it or the motive, the question we now ask is who is next,” Lukwago added.

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament Betty Aol Ochan said: “I don’t know whether Government is really taking the insecurity in the country so serious. We need to face this problem with combined effort.”



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