Kirumira asked to be buried in Mpigi if killed for exposing police rot

RIP Muhammad Kirumira

Slain police chief Muhammad Kirumira predicted that he would be killed for exposing the rot in the Uganda Police Force.

“If the police is very incompetent to the point of promoting a person whose record you know is a criminal, then you people deserve to be changed,” he told NTV in January this year.

He went on: “This is my home Bulenga. I will not shift. I have a black gate. Form me, am ready to suffer any charges,” he said.

Kirumira was indeed charged with corruption and neglect of duty.

“If correcting the image of Police requires some of us to be sacrificed, my burial place is Mpigi, that is where people can take my body,” he told NTV.

Victoria University

Reports say he will be buried today at 3pm at Mpambire after Katende town along Masaka-Kampala Road in Mpigi District.

Exposing rot: police in bed with armed robbers

In April, 2014 while still in-Charge of Nansana Police Station, Kirumira said city criminals colluded with top cops at the Central Police Station to frame him in a bribery scandal.

Kirumira had been temporarily detained on allegations of receiving a bribe of shs200, 000.

Famed for defeating hard ore criminals in areas of, Kisaasi, Nansana, Kisenyi, Bukoto, Wandegeya, Nakulabye, Kirumira revealed a plot by some officers he accused of conniving with thieves to frame him using edited recorded audio tapes.

He said some individuals are “frustrating our efforts just because they occupy authoritative offices. I know directors and the council will intervene and wipe out these hidden wolves.”

Kirumira gave an example of the five men he arrested as they tried to break into a super market at Kibulooka who included a cop of the Police Flying Squad.

He also provided a deep insight into the wrangles within units battling robbers, identifying key individuals facilitating crime in Kampala.

They included former security personnel under the infamous Rapid Response Unit (RRU) identified as Ibrahim Nsubuga, George Kalera Macupa, Fred, Medi and Hamada.

“Arresting Kayihura can solve the murders and other killings. However, there are other kawukuumi remaining within the police. I do not want to sound like I am celebrating Kayihura’s arrest,” he recently said while ex-IGP Kale Kayihura appeared in army court for trial.

Kirumira resigns

In January 2018, Kirumira resigned from the police force citing frustrations from top Police bosses in his work as one of the reasons he had decided to quit.

“I have realised that my image before the administration will never change and given the fact that I am still a young man, I have resigned from the force to enable the Police court fulfil their motives,” he said.

Kirumira’s announcement came at a time when the Police is under the spotlight, especially after the arrest of senior officers on a number of charges ranging from kidnap, robberies, among other crimes, by sister security agencies led by Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence and Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima issued a press release in response to Kirumira’s announcement, saying it “cannot be tolerated by the Uganda Police Force”, hence rejecting his resignation.

False charges

Kirumira was arraigned before the Police disciplinary committee court in Naguru, Kampala in a plan to paint him as a criminal.

He described the charges as framed up and that they were as old as seven years old.

At the time, the police commander was charged with extortion, corruption, bribery, torture, unlawful arrests and excessive use of authority.

Previously, Kirumira was suspended over the same allegations he is currently charged with, before Police chief Gen. Kale Kayihura sent him for further training, promoted him and made him the Divisional Police Commander Old Kampala.

He would later be transferred to Buyende, but later recalled over disciplinary issues.


The police tribunal in April this year demoted Kirumira two ranks below, from Assistant Superintendent of Police to Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP).

He was, however, acquitted of the charges for lack of evidence.


Kirumira was shot by unknown people on Saturday September 8, 2018 while driving near his home in Bulenga, Wakiso district.

He died on the way to Rubaga hospital.

He had led a promising career in the police force.

He had been a popular officer and, by his own admission, groomed by former Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

He was very popular in all the places he worked, including Nansana, Old Kampala and Buyende, where he was known for various operations against criminals.



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