I don’t need PR, Museveni lashes at media

Museveni talks to press

“We also need to bring discipline and balance in the media. The government has been asleep when it comes to the media management,” President Museveni has said.

They are always shouting of how the NRM is useless and all that, but NRM has still thrived, he said Sunday night while addressing press at State House Entebbe.

“So you need to be careful. I am Yoweri Museveni, Son of Kaguta, General of the National Resistance Army. I don’t need any PR. I don’t need polishing,” he called out opportunistic PR groups and the global obsession with appearances Vs Reality.

Museveni said media houses including Print and broadcast report mendaciously.

“Some media houses shout about how useless NRM is. You need to be careful. I feel sorry for you because God will not welcome liars.”

He said the media is deliberately non progressive and out to portray Uganda negatively.

“Media, you have no right to misrepresent our country. You can only tell facts. I hear people telling me, that in today’s world, it’s is not the facts, but Perception that matters -that I need PR! Really, is that what we want for our country?”

He said NRM’s method has been to let its actions speak for it. “That’s why out of the 35 elections/by-elections since 2016, NRM has lost only 4, and won almost 90% of all Women & Local Council elections.”

“The press, you say you’re informers, entertainers and educators but please first educate yourselves. Do research about a man called Maj. Karugaba, he was the first man to graduate from Sandhurst in 1962.”

He said TVs, radios, newspapers and social-media, most of the time, report in a tendecious and mendacious manner.

The Government and the NRM have been asleep when it comes to media management.  This is, partly, the old practice of the NRA.

“We never propagandized but fought and the victories spoke for themselves.  Even when we captured Kampala, very few people outside Uganda believed we had that capacity.”

He went on: “Even today, it is still largely true that doing does more publicity than just talking. Even the win of President Trump in the USA in 2016 in spite of the papers there and the CNNs de-campaigning him, picking faults etc., points to the fact that media lying cannot, in some cases, obscure reality.”

To shout on social-media, NBS TV, NTV, Okot Ogong’s radio in Lira or even CNN that the NRM is useless to the citizens of Atanga, Acholibur etc. or the ones of Atiak, Pabbo and Bibia or the ones of Katakwi and Moroto when they are seeing brand new tarmac roads in their area, will discredit the media rather than the Government, Museveni noted.



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