Besigye cites one-blind-man vision, Nyanjura leads M7-must-go

Doreen Nyanjura leads "M7 Must Go" campaign

Former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye says it is time to put an end to President Museveni’s “one-blind-man vision”.

He was commenting on an incident involving Nalongo Nana, a businesswoman who stormed a tax policy meeting in Kampala and told off government leaders.

“Decadence of NRM/M7 Junta is likely to provoke uncontrollable public anger!” Besigye remarked.

He added: “It’s time for Uganda to end the eclipse & “one-blind-man vision”! #M7MustGo.”

He said Ugandan people shouldn’t be intimidated by prison and NRM/Museveni Junta brutality.

On his instructions and that of FDC Party leadership, Secretary of Mobilisation Ingrid Turinawe and Lord Councillor Nyanjura Doreen Friday secured bail for the 17 people arrested in Mityana during the “FreeArua33” protests.

“We have no business massaging those that torture and imprison us,” Nyanjura, the Makerere university councillor said.

“Makerere has spoken!#M7mustgo,” she said after a solidarity meeting that brought together all opposition political parties and activists at Makerere University early in the week.

They gathered at MDD grounds in respect of Bobi Wine, a former MDD student.

“We all in unison agreed to unite against the military junta, we all in unison agreed to fight the unfair policies at Makerere University.”

Nyanjura said police feared to arrest them during the gathering because they were solid and ready for any one.

Two of their colleagues Rugumayo Ka Kusemererwa and Ismail were picked up by security agents for donning the “M7mustgo” t-shirts.

They spent a night in detention at Makerere University police station. Nyanjura told that her colleagues were bonded out the next day.

She later led a group that secured bail for some “patriotic brave youths” arrested during the “Free Bobi Wine” protests in Kamokya who had spent two weeks in Luzira prison.



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