Sejusa: Bobi Wine people power will end Museveni repression

David Sejusa

Former coordinator of intelligence services in the UPDF, Gen David Sejusa alias Tinyefuza, says President Museveni’s oppression is what has given birth to the rise of Bobi Wine and his people power.

“…its their oppression that created him. Unless they “uncreate” themselves, which am sure they can’t,” Sejusa said on his very active Twitter handle @sejudav.

He added: “Therefore Bobi Wine phenomenon will keep growing because it represents an ideal not a person doesn’t matter how imperfect he may appear to some can only grow.”

Government spokesperson, NRM-leaning MPs and ministers have all been vocal in media circles doing their best to discredit the singing Kyadondo East legislator who vowed to fight for freedom or die trying.

Sejusa agrees Museveni’s regime is dying because the institutions been long dead.

“We all know it! In their current shape, they only help oppressor sugar-coat his excesses. Hence in reality, all dead and useless!”

Sejusa says his former boss Museveni’s base has always been the military (primary constituency) not political party and popular will stuff.

“For him, sees these contests as both political and military, FUSED!! Understand his road to power then you will know his centre of gravity.”

On whether he had surrendered to Museveni and disappeared from the public sphere, Sejusa said: “People like us never surrender! But anyway, not everyone doing serious work is in that “public realm”.”

Dialogue with Museveni futile

He went on: “[It] will take much more to remove Museveni than the podium and talk shows. You will see. And when it’s all passed, you will remember these words.

Sejusa said those interested negotiating with Museveni have got to make him very weak first. He said a still strong Museveni can’t negotiate himself out of power.

“Why would he? Because he is a good Christian? Those who think otherwise can dream on. Better to build and defeat him outright!”

He argued that talks with Museveni at the current moment are only possible in the following scenarios.

“First, if opposition want a decent want to surrender. That he can grant you. Second, when Museveni feels talks can buy him time or strengthen him. Third, to halt your momentum.”

“Yes, strongmen ultimately loose power and our own Museveni is going to lose it and he knows it. But it can’t be through those talks. Just concentrate on the struggle.”

He said even where these strongmen are forced into a deal like was in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe would never genuinely share power with Morgan Tsvangirai.

“It ultimately took the military to remove him [Mugabe]. Of course this was precipitated by MDC struggles and the oldmans own failures. Just wasting people’s time!“

Shortcuts don’t work with bullies like Museveni, Sejusa noted. He said not until it becomes clear that he can’t win or its to his advantage to make a deal.
“Otherwise don’t deceive people. Museveni despises those he views as weak. keep on struggle.”

Is Uganda falling?

There a now clear social indictors to show Uganda losing it as country.

The former top spy said the  speed as to how quickly “we change course or halt slide may depend on how fast it takes the contending sides to reach that confluence, agreement that mad house burning”.

“After that will be easy as for no death, actually there was! But they recently threw bomb at Ethiopia PM, no death, threw bomb at Mnangagwa no death, drone attack against Venezuela Maduro, no death, shot Reagan no death, JFK, Obote etc.”

He added: “Please government tone down this conversation, its embarrassing. The current high profile posture of the military and the belligerent way its projecting its power against unarmed population is a subtle way to let all know end of our parliamentary democracy.”

Sejusa said the Museveni of these days is so predictable. “In Rambo fashion, invade Parliament, beat MPs. Then shove thru an illegal act thus abrogate constitution. Follow MPs in constituencies, in high drama shoot, beat, arrest them using military!”



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