Ofwono says Bobi Wine will fade like Mbabazi, Sejusa, Otunnu

Ofwono Opondo

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, says Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine will soon fade out of people’s memories like his predecessors who have taken the route he is taking.

“What we need right now is political tolerance. People in Government are being mistreated for example Hon Ibrahim Abiriga was killed,” Opondo told NTV Panorama.

He said these are deliberate moves by members of the opposition– not a countrywide issue of social economic inequality.

He said if it was a social economic change it would be countrywide. Even in areas where there was chaos, it was organised by a handful of opposition people.

“Out of the 32 elections, 21 were won by NRM. Only 3 were won by the opposition.”

Opondo said Bobi Wine is part of a failed political group of Mr.Kizza Besigye, a four-time Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] presidential candidate.

“I think Bobi Wine perhaps read that after the constant failure of Besigye in elections, he could also do better than him.”

Opondo said the funding Bobi Wine has been getting was from foreign groups.

“You have heard instances where Bank of Uganda told foreign CSOs’ accounts to be frozen. They do not want to reveal where they get their money.”

He added: “I’m sure none of you knows where Gen David Sejusa is in Uganda right now. After going abroad speaking to international media. Mr. Amama Mbabazi [former Prime Minister] took on the same route, where is Mr. Mbabazi now? Olara Otunnu also took the same way. Where is he now? Bobi Wine will end up the same.”

Opondo said instead of being in Intensive Care Unit [ICU] after travelling for 20 hours to USA, Bobi Wine was on television.

“He is just helping Government by showing he deceived that he was badly off. If Bobi Wine thinks Government is bad, what is he doing in parliament?” ‏

“Bobi Wine is a passing cloud as time will tell. He isn’t the first or only to be pampered. We previously saw western interests gallivanting around with Paul Semogerere, Peter Otai, Olara Otunnu, David Sejusa, Amama Mbabazi. But just how has each ended?”

Attacks lawyer Amsterdam

Opondo told NBS TV that Bobi Wine’s lawyer Robert Amsterdam doesn’t understand the diplomacy issues of America.

“USA doesn’t provide UPDF with aid, however we have an MOU in training either here or there. He is just shaking because of his clients. understanding of diplomatic issues is lacking.”

Opondo said NRM has learnt how to handle global contractions and can fight on the political and diplomatic front to make Ugandans distinguish between a candidate opposing genuinely or not.

“If you want votes of Ugandans, it’s risky to appear as a foreign agent. Bobi Wine looked like he appeals more to foreign Governments than to Ugandans here. He therefore helped us by showing up instead of being in hospital.”

Opondo said people in foreign Governments have more credible sources than Bobi Wine. He has nothing new he said from what has always been said.

“The Hon Katuntus and Mayor Lukwago have always said these things. Those people dig deeper than a press conference.”

He said Amsterdam needs to first understand these issues because what was said looked like unconfirmed allegations on this Government.

“Bobi Wine is looking for publicity which will not last long I assure you. Other people have tried that. He said he was injected with substances he didn’t know but all the examinations are there and his medical reports are all here.”

He added: “Bobi Wine lies on this Government won’t work. Even Besigye tried them. He will even give up earlier. Olara Otunnu also went abroad and said bad things about Government but he hardly even got a vote in Northern Uganda. People know the truth. There is wave or Bobi Wine fever. What is there is a wave of criminality and violence being perpetuated under the guise of electioneering mainly by the opposition.”



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