Museveni is a coward, his regime is falling-Imam Kasozi

Imam Kasozi

Imam Idi Kasozi, head of the Uganda Muslim Youth Assembly, says President Museveni has a problem and sometimes when he is talking, one can see that some issues that occurred to him during his childhood still haunt him.

“…after 32 years he is never believed he is a president. Mr. Museveni is one of the cowards I’ve come across and people around him think he’s so fierce,” Kasozi said Thursday night while appearing on NBS “Frontline” programme.

“I’m encouraging him to actually do away with parliament so that he eases it for us to do away with him as well.”

Kasozi said one important thing that Ugandans forget is who Museveni is in Uganda’s social political history.

“When he is talking against any opponent, he brags and that language can’t accept a national dialogue. Greed has grown over time where some people think they must dominate, they say they are experts. President Museveni has publicly stated that “we are the masters of violence”.”

He said the constitution has been raped already, some of the key things people thought would bring harmony the way they were handled to get off are the causes of this.

People had begun to circulate things, there is also manipulation. The constitution is being manipulated, people only refer to the constitution when they want to get what they want. People are just quite because they live in fear, the Imam insisted.

“We have two issues that are over taking the others, interaction and cooperation are being overtaken by competition and conflict. Competition is healthy but ours has tended to be more of conflict. What you are seeing is a result of that.”

“Why is social cultural intolerance emerging, where did it come from? It’s emerging because of lack of discipline but the big question is, where did discipline go to, how did we reach this stage? Many people are ignorant of their own cultures.”

He said its unnatural for any person who was created knowing another was created too, to hate him for differences in opinion, culture or tribe.

“I call that ignorance. Common sense died and people didn’t realize it. Greed is another very big problem. As long as there is lack of a participatory approach with some people feeling they should be in the lead, there is a problem.”

Kasozi said the constitution has been raped already; some of the key things people thought would bring harmony the way they were handled to get off are the causes of this.

He said signs are that the centre isn’t holding, that is why government jailed Kale Kayihura for 72 days and almost don’t charge him.

“That’s why people are rearrested on the door steps of parliament, this is a sign that the centre isn’t holding properly.”



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