Mirundi wants Museveni SFC guards punished

Military siege of Kampala

Presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi, says politics is dirty everywhere, the only different thing is the level of dirt concentration.

“Intolerance cannot be eliminated because the opposition wants power but the ones in power want to retain it at all costs,” he said while appearing on NBS television Tuesday.

Mirundi said he was shocked by MP Bobi Wine’s account of what happened to him:

“The perpetrators should be punished! They could have gunned down Bobi Wine and caused a crisis in Uganda.”

On Bobi Wine’s torture allegations, Mirundi said this has happened to many people before these MPs.

“Now that he has written, what is the response? In other countries this would call for ‘role of heads’.”

Mirundi took a swipe at NRM and Electoral Commission [EC]: “Why should these people of different political parties converge in the same place at the same time? NRM buses ferry people to the Museveni’s rally to impress him so that they get money.”

On Arua chaos, Mirundi said President Museveni cannot leave his convoy behind when going on rallies because it is a privilege.

“The real issue here should be addressed, human rights abuse by security agencies.”

Mirundi also blamed singer Bebe Cool for what happened to him at Swangz All Star Concert:

“He should judge and select his audience.”



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