Lokodo: devil defeated me in Nyege Nyege fest battle

Simon Lokodo [Cartoon by Chris Ogon/Daily Monitor]

Ethics minister Simon Lokodo has conceded defeat to the devil in his fight to block MTN organised Nyege Nyege festival.

The social carnival that got underway in Jinja Town Thursday, is still ongoing uninterrupted despite earlier moves by the Ethics minister to block it.

He had cited open sex, drug abuse and homosexuality in his letter directing Internal Affairs minister Gen Jeje Odongo.

“I tried my best to block it, but the devil has a strong hand. I had to backtrack,” Lokodo told journalists in Gulu town.

“The first day I announced that it won’t happen but because of pressure from all sides, my elders and even my own boss, I had to concede defeat,” he added.

While Lokodo only cited evil, the event organisers cited tourism since it is happening on the banks of River Nile and business boost by thousands of party-goers.

But Lokodo insisted: “This thing (Nyege Nyege) is not the best at all. I have dug into it and established that it’s not innocent.”

Police later issued statement clearing Nyege Nyege, on the condition that: police and organisers to jointly register and screen participants, ban on children, organisers to provide event’s detailed programme to police; no processions to and from the venue; and police and Tight Security, a private security firm, to jointly secure the merry-making event.



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