I’m a terrorist: Nubian Li slams Eddie Mutwe detention

Nubian Li

Singer Nubian Li has resorted to satire to express his dissatisfaction over injustices being suffered by his music partner and Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Nubian on Friday took to social media to paint unbridled poetry painting himself as a terrorist to criticise government for branding people who are opposed to the alleged oppression.

“I am a terrorist because I stand with people power. I am a hooligan because I believe in a peaceful transition of power. I am indisciplined because I speak the truth. Yes I am a terrorist because the regime says so. I am a #peoplepower,” Nubian suddenly went poetic.

He added: “NB: #freeEddiemutwe still in detention at Jinja road police station for now over two weeks and he’s never been presented in court.”

During his birthday in 2016, Bobi Wine showered a lot of praise on his Nubian Li, who was also the Vice President in Firebase crew.

“The most talented artist I know, a great father, husband, leader and above all a VERY SPECIAL FRIEND TO ME AND MY FAMILY. You are a very big ASSET to this country,” Bobi Wine wrote then.

It does seem like Nubian has always felt for the common man. He has been with Bobi Wine, all the way, until he flew out to America after being tortured by the military.

Now, Nubian is spearheading a new campaign to secure the release of Bobi Wine’s bodyguard, Edward Sebuufu.

Eddie Mutwe’s lawyers wrote to the director CID Grace Akullo demanding for his unconditional release.

They also threatened to sue individually Akullo, D/SCP Elly Woanya officer in charge of CID headquarters and the district police commander Moses Eliao for his illegal detention.

In their letter that was also copied into the chambers of the principal judge, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the Uganda Human Rights Commission say that Sebuufu has been in detention since August 25, 2018, and he remains detained at Jinja Road Police station to date.

The lawyers accuse the police of telling lies to the attorney general that Sebuufu was on his way to Gulu court arraignment before a competent court to face charges of treason.

The letter also states that the continued detention of their client is illegal and amounts to mental torture, undignified treatment and violation of his personal liberty and other freedom.



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