Gays behind Bobi Wine, people power just wind-Kamya

Beti Kamya

Kampala minister Beti Kamya says the current Ugandan parliament is the only parliament in the world that doesn’t take the security of the president seriously.

“What we should be discussing right now is the security of the president,” she said while appearing on NBS television.

According to Kamya, people who enjoy freedom of speech and democracy take it for granted, they don’t realise it has to be protected.

Host: Is there any anger coming from government in the wake of the Arua incident?

Hon. Beti Kamya: I wouldn’t call it anger, it’s just a reaction. When the president was told that his motorcade was pelted, he just told them to go.

Victoria University

She said it was after the president had left that his people went back, they know their lives and livelihoods are always on the line if anything happens to the president.

“So, it wasn’t government that instructed all that. International interferences are in their own interests, but as the Ugandan government, we want to establish what their interests really are in our politics.”

She added: “When you are abroad and they talk about Uganda, you see a country that fights homosexuality. People like Hon. David Bahati have been hounded and locked out of hotels like in the USA and Germany because they spearheaded the homosexuality bill.”

Kamya said the people who wanted and still want change are the opposition. The majority of Ugandans have voted through a referendum for NRM.

According to her, people power movement is a wind that will go. “Forget about Bobi Wine, Kizza Besigye had wind, it’s what threatened the government and the president took him seriously.”

She said after the Besigye wind, then came the Amama Mbabazi wind, he was also powerful but they all came and left. “Bobi Wine will come and go.”

Kamya said the most important thing is that the international community try to rally behind this wind.

“Mbabazi and Besigye weren’t an attractive race to back in terms of LGBT unlike Bobi Wine who is attractive. About the torture allegations, is it normal for a person who was tortured to wear 2kg shoes, those very heavy shoes? We really need to investigate all this before we buy into it.”



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