Bwanika calls for people power revolution

Abed Bwanika

Former presidential candidate Abed Bwanika says people power was just amplified in Arua town but it has been on opposition’s main agenda.

The President of the People’s Development Party said many things happened in Arua, people were killed, tortured and some charged with treason.

“This situation handed over another narrative to the people of Uganda which people are calling ‘People Power’.”

According to Bwanika, from whatever happened, the people of Uganda mobilized themselves to start thinking about an alternative.

“People power hasn’t come out of the blue, before we went to Arua, we had that same narrative by it was amplified when we went to Arua.”

Bwanika said it started as a slogan but it has become a centre piece on which the people of Uganda now meet, for those who want change.

“It has now become a nomenclature for a new coalition, it’s actually a people power revolution and whoever wants change in this country has started seeing it as a solution.”

He said in the past 32 years where this government has been in power, Uganda has moved from a 3rd world country, to a 3rd world country.

“We have just been retarding.”

But Kampala minister Beti Kamya and government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo say people power is just a passing wind and it will soon ebb into mists of forgetfulness.



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