Bobi Wine lawyer tells US to cut aid, investors to quit Uganda

Laywer Amsterdam and Bobi Wine

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s Canadian-American lawyer Robert Amsterdam has started a campaign to ensure investors intervene in the abuse of human rights in Uganda.

“The Ugandan public deserves better, African youth deserve better. We intend to contact major investors in Uganda in respect to the torture issues to highlight the issue of governance and popular behaviour of government, and ask them to intervene. It’s now their duty to intervene,” Amsterdam told press in Washington DC on Thursday.

Amsterdam said now is a critical situation and those people who invest in Uganda like Tullow and key banks are going to be contacted and make sure they understand that while individuals don’t have access to rule of law, it’s an issue that impacts their investments.

He said people need to understand that what happened as a result of Arua is just being digested, “we have people in real pain and a government hiding from being found out”.

“Just saw this official communiqué from the Government of Uganda, personally attacking me for my defense of @HEBobiWine,” he said while sharing a government press release discrediting him.

“These sort of blatant lies only hurt their credibility and detract from the urgent issues of governance and rule of law facing the country.”

He said they will be meeting with congressmen and providing them with details of the level of brutality happening in Uganda.

“We want the American tax payer to know what they are paying for,” Amsterdam added before dismissing claims that there’s a foreign agent behind the musician-turned parliamentary representative.

According to Human Rights Watch Africa division director, Maria Burnett‏, in 2014, US Pentagon and State Department gave Uganda’s Special Forces Command 12 million USD in equipment, APCs, & weaponry, including M4s.

She said the same type of gun soldiers had patrolling Kampala protests recently and the same unit Bobi Wine says arrested and tortured him and others.

Speaking at the same conference, Bobi Wine said he accords special respect to the people that paid a price, Yasin Kavuma, (Bobi Wine breaks down).

“I must go back home, Uganda is my home, I’m Ugandan and I’m going back home! It’s a habit for Ugandan authorities to torture people and come out to out rightly lie, I’m not the first person be to tortured, we have seen people who have been brutalized worse, take an example of the muslim clerics and women.”

He added: “It’s a privilege for me to have access to specialized treatment and I speak for the 1000s who have been brutalized.”



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