Security men hit my breasts, kicked my belly-Night Asara

Night Asara

Night Asara, a district councillor for Arua Hill division, is still bedridden following her brutal encounter with security forces.

She is one of the victims of incidents that happened in Arua involving opposition members of parliament.

“They (security men) were asking me where is Bobi Wine and when I said I don’t know, they said “you will know today”,” she said days after their release by Gulu chief magistrates court on bail.

“The man hit my head and I shielded with my hands thus seriously injuring the right. He then hit my breasts and kicked me in the abdomen. I screamed in pain and he told his colleagues “Maliza yeye” (finish her).”

She cites the Regional Police Commander, Commander Jonathan Musinguzi as the man behind the beating and torture of women arrested in Arua.

Victoria University

RPC Musinguzi kicked Night Asara in her chest, her abdomen, everywhere, till she started bleeding. For more than two weeks, she is still bleeding in her private parts.

“There is no longer anything I can fear. There is nothing the government has not done to me. There isn’t any pain I haven’t known,” Asara said, echoing the spirit of Winnie Mandela after 491 Days in detention as Prisoner Number 1323/69 during Apartheid South Africa.

Speaking to Daily Monitor on Monday from her home in Arua, Asara says August 13 will remain a dark day in her life.

Also tortured was Jane Abola and Atiku Shaban [who collapsed in court].



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