Rwamirama, Mwesigye say Bobi Wine, Zaake faking agony

State Minister of Veteran Affairs Hon. Lt Col (Rtd) Dr. Bright Rwamirama has accused media houses of reporting not as it is but as how they wish concerning the saga of tortured Members of Parliament.

“I have seen where they say only staff members are allowed but you will find the media there, let us follow the rules. Media reports both bad news and good news, we need to only follow the rules,” Rwamirama said while appearing on NBS “Frontline” programme.

He said they don’t tolerate indiscipline in the UPDF. “Also those who were against us in the bush, we reconciled with them and they became generals, we don’t consider opposition enemies.”

Rwamirama said it is not true Special Forces Command [SFC] took over elections in Arua.

“Kasiano Wadri won inspite of SFC,” he argued, referring to Arua MP-elect who never even voted after being brutally arrested by SFC.

“The truth is the president’s car was stoned. We need to talk about discipline. How come a few individuals keep on appearing in scuffles? How come you (Wadri) were not beaten?” he wondered.

He said there are MPs who boxed police in parliament and there are MPs who stoned the president’s car in Arua and raped women.

“We should condemn violence and let the rule of law reign. In parliament, we are just opponents not enemies. Let’s have a level of respect for each other.”

He added: “I would like to tell some politicians that in the house we are not enemies. The litmus paper was here (Wadri). He was arrested, not beaten and also won election. If you fight police, what do you expect them to do?”

Vision Group journalist Angelo Izama who was appearing on the same show, said President Museveni once said the problem of Africa are the indisciplined political class.

“Indiscipline of the ruling class today: they change rules (constitution) whenever they feel like. Society is indiscipline because of them. We watch them.”

According to Izama, it is not enough to blame the SFC, the political class is to blame as well for the way the react.

“If I was to offer advise to Hon. Bright, allow these people, Zaake and Bobi Wine to go for treatment.”

He added: “The list of unfulfilled promises, the secrecy and lies of the government breeds an environment of distrust; it is that anxiety which is not manufactured in the newsroom.”

Nyabushozi County Member of Parliament Col Hon. Col – Rtd Fred Mwesigye, on the other hand, accused Kyadondo East and Mityana Municipality MPs Robert Kyagulanyi (Bob Wine) and Francis Zaake of faking pain.

Col Mwesigye who was speaking Friday at the launch of a JLOS centre in Kiruhura, said no one was tortured by SFC soldiers in Arua.

“Those who are pretending to be very sick are okay; I want to confirm to you that they were not badly injured,” he said.

He added: “No one is disabled. But when media cameras or government officials are around, they pretend to be very weak.”

Zaake is going to India for treatment while Bobi Wine is in US already.

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