Oguttu lauds Besigye on Kisekka non-violent defiance

Brig Kandiho in Kisekka

Former Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Wafula Oguttu, is disappointed with President Museveni’s government for turning the military against the population yet it is meant to protect the country.

“Is our internal security so bad that the junta has had to withdraw the army from guarding our borders to policing our streets? Against who?” he wondered.

He said in 2009, Dr Kizza Besigye then FDC Party President told members of the party that the biggest task they had then was to engage in sustained defiance activities which would remove fear of the “rogue regime” from ordinary Ugandans.

He advised that such activities must be led by senior leaders from in front. Not just sending the people alone to the streets for demos.

This how Walk To Walk, 2011, was designed. The leaders started the walking.

Victoria University

Many were arrested before the people across the country joined the peaceful defiance movement. That movement has been growing, quietly, in all sectors and departments, Oguttu explains.

“It is reaching maturity stage as was demonstrated yesterday by Kisekka Market traders and later in the evening by music lovers.”

In Kisekka, the traders simply closed their shops instead of engaging the military that had heavily deployed in the area as is usually the case.

At Lugogo Cricket Oval in the evening, music lovers threw bottles and drove singer Bebe Cool off the stage accusing him of trying to suppress “people power” which his nemesis, Bobi Wine represents.

“Now Dr Besigye does not need to be around before it happens,” Oguttu said, adding, “Ugandans have understood his teaching that everyone should do what they can, from where they are, using the resources available to them ‘to weaken the regime and either force them to the negotiating table or drive them out of power.”

He added: “It is coming soon. The people getting their power and their country back. Avoid rivalry, competition, power struggle in our ranks. Let us all pull together to sort out the dictatorship. Agende.”


Kisekka Market traders uniquely closed their shops in demand of #FreeBobiWine. That action was the very first of its kind in politics of Uganda though it seems many people have not realised it.

Army in Kisekka market

Oguttu said it was a clear graduation in defiance systems. No single stone thrown, no single car tire burnt, no single road blocked – people just closed their shops period.

“Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence [CMI] commander, Brig Abel Kandiho and his mean looking commandos completely got lost on where to start from, there was no one to shoot at, their bullets could not open shops.”

He added: “They tried to look for traders and force them to open their shops but all in vain, that is defiance getting at its best. Such was a very huge step as far as the defiance gospel is concerned.”

Oguttu hopes this act could get the lime light it deserves, 100% non-violent yet so powerful.

“Congs People’s President, yes, we might be slow but we are sure. Your tireless efforts will soon pay out. Thank you Kisekka Market, you have always set the pace, and today you have opened a new chapter in the revolution.”



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