UCC denies banning MTN #MomoPay hit ad Bosco Katala

Bosco Katala

The Uganda Communications Commission [UCC] dismissed as fake news social media rumours claiming the regulator banned MTN telecom’s #MomoPay hit advert ‘Bosco’.

The advertisement which was reportedly banned from airing on airwaves has since taken the country by storm.

It tells the story of an ordinary city born Bosco Katala and how his life becomes simplified with the introduction of mobile money.

With his card and phone, Bosco, riding his bicycle in shopping malls, offices and banks, can pay for anything anywhere.

Victoria University

Ugandans have since satirised the president nicknaming him “Bosiko” for reportedly using a bicycle to fetch water for irrigation and carry bananas as seen at his Luweero farm.

On banning the ad, UCC spokesperson, Pamela Ankunda, called it another set of fake news.

Cashless economy

The financial sector is slowly becoming cashless and adopting digital technologies, as earlier noted by ICT minister Frank Tumwebaze.

Telecom companies are leading this development with the latest being MTN and its #MoMoPay, a new innovation which enables customers pay for goods and services using mobile money.

MTN’s Senior Manager Mobile Financial Services Products, Christopher Ssali, says this service does not attract any tax or charges whatsoever.

MoMoPay allows customers to pay for goods and services at no extra costs.

The firm said retailers like supermarkets, wholesale traders, shop keepers, pharmacies, restaurants and bars among others are now merchants that accept payments using MoMoPay.

“When we introduced MTN Mobile Money, it revolutionised money transactions in the country. However, there is still one problem that we need to solve. That is reducing cash transactions by taking out withdrawal charges, which makes it quite costly. It is the better way to pay,” Ssali told The Independent Magazine.

“Bosco Katala is still here! Still enjoying seamless payments via #MTNMoMoPay, without extra charges, taxes or withdrawal fees,” MTN tweeted.

It added: “You too can be like Bosco! With 25,000 vendors accepting MoMoPay, you can make you purchases hustle-free with #MTNMobileMoney”.

Joshua Kiberu the man who plays

Bosco real names Joshua Kiberu commonly known as (Yese Oman Rafiki) is the man who wrote and sung the MTN MoMoPay advert.

Kiberu tells the classic story of a one peasant called Bosco who was surprised about the digital way of paying things via MTN mobile money.

Kiberu, according to reports, has also written songs like Kabulengane, Chips Na Ketchup, Malaika, Kano Kozze, Bwobeera Eyo, Mboozi Za Malwa.



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