Oulanyah denies Museveni ultimatum, MPs to boycott plenary

Jacob Oulanyah

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Wednesday dismissed earlier reports saying the legislators had issued an ultimatum to President Museveni to respond to a letter by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

Kadaga, in her letter, asked the president to ensure Special Forces Command [SFC] soldiers who brutalised civilians are arrested and punished.

Presiding over plenary, Oulanyah who was receiving the newest MP (Kasiano Wadri of Arua municipality) in parliament, said he was confident things can still go well.

Oulanyah said MP Wadri’s election is a manifestation that systems still work.

“That even with the charge levelled against him, he is able to swear in and serve his people.”

Victoria University

Oulanyah then clarified that its not true that Parliament has given the President an ultimatum on the Speaker’s directive as reported by the media.

He said that might be misconstrued to mean there is fight between Parliament and executive.

He called out the media houses that write alarmist and exaggerated and often wrong stories, quoting the New Vision article on why plenary was adjourned.

Members are not ready to proceed with business, and the Speaker is not ready to preside over a House where Members are not ready to transact business.


Such were sentiments expressed during the Tuesday plenary.

MPs demanded a response from President Yoweri Museveni, to a letter said to be authored by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga asking government to reprimand errant army officers accused of brutalising MPs.

MPs mainly from the opposition said a response from Museveni is a pre-condition to sittings of Parliament, short of which they vowed to boycott proceedings.

“Parliament cannot disregard the welfare of MPs and continue with business as if nothing happened. Before we proceed with business, the security of MPs must be addressed,” said Chief Opposition Whip Ibrahim Ssemujju.

Leader of the Opposition, Betty Aol, said pending Museveni’s response to the letter, a copy of which Oulanyah acknowledged receipt, there should be no business transacted.

“What the Speaker [Rebecca Kadaga] wrote to the President is about those who tortured our colleagues. If there is no response, what business do we have here?” she said.



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