They’re crime preventers, Kirumira unmasks men-in-black

Boys in black who sieged Makindye court are crime preventers

The embattled former Buyende District Police Commander, Muhammad Kirumira, has unmasked the men-in-black who raided Makindye court martial on Friday posturing as former IGP Kale Kayihura’s “relatives”.

The Police Disciplinary Court in April this year recommended the demotion of Muhammad Kirumira from Assistant Superintendent of Police-ASP to Assistant Inspector of Police-AIP.

That has not deterred him from exposing evils in Uganda’s security circles.

Crime preventers led by their coordinator Blaise Kamugisha started as a group of civilian volunteers under Kayihura’s guidance to prevent crime in every corner of the country.

They were later labelled Kayihura’s private militia for allegedly doing his bidding in cracking down on dissent.


Museveni said the 12 million crime preventers can be easily mobilised to augment the army in case of external aggression and ordered transfer of crime preventers from police to the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).

Kirumira told that the men who appeared at court martial dressed in black t-shirts with Kayihura’s portrait were actually crime preventers and not relatives as they claimed.

“These are crime preventers namely Nsamba Apollo, Sagius, Muhammad, and Adams Sankara etc,” Kirumira who uses Mwoyo Gwa Gwanga pseudonym on social media said.

Men dressed in black at court martial in solidarity with Kayihura [Photos by Nicholas Bamulanzeki]

He added: “These men I watched earlier in the day in black, they are crime preventers not village sympathisers. As well as a gang from Owino market.”

He said the group Crime preventers was led by one Adams Sankara formerly the coordinator for Kampala metropolitan area, who by then had more powers than a police commissioner.

He was the mobiliser of coordinating Kifeesi at Katwe and many of them accuse him of eating their money.

Other members in the group in T shirts are Nsambya Apollo of Nakivubo channel marijuana group and Senyonga Muhammad old Kampala parish.

samba Apollo, Sagius, Muhammad, and Adams Sankara etc at a gathering


They also had taken over procurement of logistics especially posho and beans which figures they inflated to the extent that the debt reached Shs150bn whereas the actual price was less than a half of it.

“In doing so these young men enriched themselves they became arrogant and could even want police commanders to take orders from them which actually worked as people feared to lose offices apart from me,” Kirumira explained.

“These guys under their umbrella the NCPF (National Crime preventers forum) which was a registered NGO, were given motorcycles worth 4 millions shillings each for all sub counties in all districts.”

Yet police posts didn’t have means of transport to perform civil duties, Kirumira noted, adding, “Time changes everything.”

2016 Makindye court siege

He said Adams Sankara led the Makindye court siege with company of elements of Boda Boda 2010 bosses like Abdallah Kitatta, Lubowa Muhammad, Atanus Kafeero, etc when Kayihura was sued for torturing suspects to extort confessions.

Crime preventers

The events of August 2016, saw the gang block then police boss Kale Kayihura’s trial and sparking off mayhem at Makindye Magistrate’s Court.

Private prosecutors in a torture case involving Gen Kayihura and seven other police commanders, for hours took refuge in the Chief Magistrate’s chambers as hundreds of pro-Kayihura protesters turned riotous and threatened to harm them.

Among the lawyers was Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Then Polly Namaye, the deputy police spokesperson, said in a statement that the police “appreciates” the demonstrators for complying with the Public Order Management Act by notifying the police of their actions, but noted that there were “acts of intolerance”, blocking routes and barring entry into the court.

No arrest, however, was made regarding the breaches that Namaye’s statement pointed out.

Men dressed in black at court martial in solidarity with Kayihura [Photos by Nicholas Bamulanzeki]

One of the gangs was led by Richard Bavakulo, one of Gen Kayihura’s supporters, who identified himself as a chairman of a boda boda stage in Kampala Central Division and is linked to Boda Boda 2010, a loose grouping of boda boda riders linked Kitatta, the NRM chairman of Rubaga Division, who works very closely with the police leadership.

Bavakulo, in the company of others, organised an event at Twekobe Gardens in Mengo, where at least 100 people, who said they were boda boda riders and market vendors, vowed to storm the Makindye Magistrate’s Court to protest Gen Kayihura’s trial.

Bavakulo on July 12, 20166 led a group that beat up people when Dr Kizza Besigye was released from Luzira prison on bail.



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