Museveni passes out 3,958 fresh army, warns politicians

Museveni at the pass out of new soldiers

President Museveni on Friday presided over the pass-out of 3,958 UPDF recruits at the Kaweweta Military Training School in Nakaseke District.

A total of 180 recruits are degree holders, 580 hold A-level qualification while the rest are diploma holders and O-level leavers.

He congratulated the recruits upon completing this tough course and qualifying to join the UPDF.

He said it is very pleasing to see the number and quality of young people joining the army.

Victoria University

“These, by signing up for the army and the police, will ensure our country is secure,” he noted.

“The peace dividend is already paying off. Recently, I hosted Kenya’s Deputy President, William Ruto, who came with the permanent secretary of their ministry of trade.”

The PS told Museveni Uganda is now exporting more to Kenya. For example, in the month of January 2018, Uganda exported goods worth $186m while Kenya exported to Uganda goods worth $96m. All this is because of the peace which the army has brought.

“We have just three issues to solve; Crime in the towns which we are addressing by installing cameras in Kampala; political indiscipline like we saw in Jinja East, Bugiri and Arua and finally corruption.”

In Buganda, Museveni said his government had issues of eviction of bibanja holders.

He advised the authorities to get back to the mailo system until people get money and buy land.

“I cannot forget my people who fought alongside us to save the nation.”

“To the recruits, Kaweweta is a historic ground. It was one of the places we assembled at as we planned the attack on Masindi Barracks during the Bush War. So, you are in the footsteps of patriots, the revolutionaries.”

He thanked the school commander and the Chief of Defence Forces for always preparing recruits well for the task and mission ahead.



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