Bobi Wine torture: UN chief warns Museveni

First image of Bobi Wine meeting deputy speaker Jacob Oluanyah

Inner City Press asked United Nations [UN] three times about incarcerated Ugandan MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine citing human rights violations.

Inner City Press writer Matthew Russell Lee, who covers the UN and Security Council daily, reports: “the UN with Antonio Guterres 18 months into his term as Secretary General, there’s talk of reform but little transparency”.

He said after selling out thousands of Anglophones in Cameroon to try to get the country’s ambassador’s support to move jobs including from Uganda to Kenya, on August 17, Guterres issued a permanent ban on Inner City Press which has asked about both issues entering the UN.

So for three briefing in a row, regarding Uganda, Inner City Press has asked Guterres’ spokesman Stephane Dujarric “Now in light of the allegations of torture of Bobi Wine, and abuse of protesters even acknowledge by government after it was filmed and on social media:

August 14-5: Given the UN’s partnerships with and presence in Uganda, including Entebbe, what is the SG’s comment and action on that two Ugandan journalists, who were arrested following Monday’s violence, have been released on a police bond and are alleged to have been tortured by authorities.

Bobi Wine

Herbert Zziwa and Ronald Mwanga were “violently arrested by armed men in military fatigues while reporting live on air”?

Also, what does the UN know (and say) about the killing in connection with a political rally of the driver of one of the country’s most charismatic political leaders, Robert Kyagulanyi, who is also a popular musician known as Bobi Wine?”

First time – no answer. Second time – no answer. Third time – after Guterres’ and Smale’s ghoulish censorship was profiled in US Press Freedom Tracker along with shorter bans that the UN has criticized – Dujarric emailed Inner City Press this:

“On Uganda, we are following closely developments in Uganda. We deplore use of violence and the loss of life. We call on all parties concerned to address issues in full observance of the rule of law and of human rights.”

Rule of law when Dujarric on June 20 said things would get worse for Inner City Press, and two later it was roughed up and pushed out of the UN during a Guterres speech by UN Security’s Lt Ronald E. Dobbins?

And this: On July 1 there was a claim that the peacekeeping budgets tied to the supposed reforms had been “approved,” with no open meeting of the Budget Committee and with Inner City Press which covers it still banned from entering the building on the weekends or evenings when the Committee had consultations, having been ousted June 22 by Guterres’ gun-toting guards who refused to give their names.

On July 23, with Inner City Press banned by the now vacationing Guterres for a 20th day from the UN, it asked Guterres’ spokesmen in writing: “Confirm or deny what USG Khare told journalists after a closed-door meeting with the Prime Minister, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, that “there is no decision yet” following the July 5 resolution by the UN’s 5th Committee which rejected the proposal.



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