Diamond Interests awards cars, motorcycles in fresh start

Diamond Interests International [DI], the new brand name for Dynapharm Uganda, is determined to make lives of Ugandans in particular and Africans in general better.

The company over the weekend gave out cars and motorcycles to its distributors to ease their work in availing health products to the people.

The company imports and distributes mainly food supplements, plant fertilizers, generic pharmaceuticals, herbal traditional, cosmetic toiletries and beauty products globally through multi-level/network marketing.

After the re-branding launch at the 7-Trees restaurant in Kololo Friday, the company held an Africa conference themed: ‘Appreciating Health with a Business Touch’ at the Speke Resort and Conference Centre in Munyonyo on Saturday.

The conference was followed by a dinner that featured a performance from singers Irene Ntale and King Saha.

Shari Baruma, the head legal Diamond Interests said dynapharm has been in Uganda operating under a different management.

It started in Uganda before spreading to Africa. A new management took over in April this year headed by director Mr Edwin Baruma and chief executive officer, Mr Edwin Tashobya.

Addressing press at Munyonyo, she said the conference was aimed motivating distributors and promised to erase the past problems and push the company forward.

Justus Muhangi, one of the few members to make it to the “Hall of Fame” level, said dynapharm which started in 1981 is now in over 24 African countries from Senegal to Kenya and Egypt to South Africa.

Elsewhere, it’s in USA, London and Asia.

“We make and distribute herbal and natural beauty products. We have organic fertilisers for birds, fish, animals and plants. We have home care and pharmaceutical products which we supply to government hospitals and clinics,” Muhangi told press.

He said the leaders conference empowered distributors and taught them network marketing.

Dynapharm officials addressing press

Muhangi said one needs to pay Shs200,000 entry fee to become a member. Then they can use products cheaply or graduate to distributor, manager to senior manager, to ruby manager to pearl, to diamond and to crown diamond manager.

This comes with a daily, weekly and a monthly income from Shs3,000 to Shs30m.

They reward cars and motorcycles to their members. They will also take the leaders to Malaysia next year.

As for the rankings, Muhangi said those in the “Founders Club” have done something extraordinary for the company in terms of sales and leadership.

“Hall of Fame” where Muhangi belongs is for the decision makers. They are only six people in the world with that rank.

Asaka Joseph, a member of the Founders Club, said dynapharm is a good initiative for graduates seeking employment.

“We create jobs for the youth who acquire business skills and entrepreneurship skills. It is a place where all your dreams can come true because we have helped many people.”

Their herbal products can cure kidneys, liver problems and women who are infertile. They don’t deal in concoctions but real organic herbal products.

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