Rivals Angupale, Tiperu reconcile to give NRM Arua seat

Angupale reconciles with Tiperu

Angupale Swadic, a runners up in the NRM party primaries for Arua Municipality Sunday evening caused prolonged celebrations within the NRM camp following his public declaration to support Nusura Tiperu.

Speaking at a public rally, Angupale disclosed that the primaries were marred  by several irregularities that cost him the party flag but promised to rally behind Tiperu and help her win the race.

“I was cheated but as a young cadre of this party, I find NRM bigger than me and I shall fully support Tiperu. I call upon all my supporters to rally behind her.”

Angupale, who finished 2nd in the primaries told a highly jubilating audience at River Oli Divisional ground.

The two reconciled on Monday

The development is an outcome from the series of meetings the NRM Secretary General and her team have held within and outside Arua Municipality for the last two weeks.

Victoria University

Angupale had since the primaries gone silent and causing alot of public speculations and tension that he was indirectly rallying his support behind an independent Ejiku Robert which he refuted.

He, however, expressed dismay over the increasing hypocrisy among the party members adding that some NRM cadres within Tiperu camp were even opposed to his reconciliation move.

He added that the decision to reconcile with Tiperu was jointly taken with his task force headed by a young business tycoon and campaign sponsor Hamza Ham who also attended the rally and addressed the gathering.

Angupale’s move is a big boost to the NRM and this news has left many opposition camps paralysed.

Arua Municipality goes to polls on Wednesday.

“NRM congratulates Mr. Angupale for taking such a mature decision and we pledge our commitment to continue working with him closely,” said Rogers Mulindwa, Senior Manager Information, Communication & Public Relations (NRM).



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