Opposition will make you slaves, Kasule tells Kasese

Lumumba in Kasese

NRM Secretary General Rt. Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba has hailed the people of Kasese district for finally discovering the lies propagated by the opposition in the 2016 general elections that saw them vote against NRM.

Referring to the recent LCI and Women Council election results where NRM overwhelmingly won in the district, the Secretary General said this is evident that the people of Kasese had now staged a good fight to liberate themselves from the political slavery by the opposition.

Out of the 753 LCIs, NRM took 481 and only 234 went to FDC as the remaining seats were captured by independents.

In Women Council elections with 165 Parishes, NRM won in 129 as FDC only managed 36.

At Sub County level, NRM took 25 compared to FDC’s 7 Sub Counties. She said the results have laid a good foundation for the ruling party to win the coming district women council elections.

Victoria University

Purpose of visit

“I am here to thank you for realising the truth and fighting a good political battle to liberate yourselves. Thank you so much for voting NRM in the recent elections…” the SG told over 700 party leaders at Kasese District Multipurpose Hall, Saturday evening.

She added, “As soon as am still the Secretary General, Kasese will occupy a special place in my administration”.

The Secretary General also took a light moment to tell the people of Kasese to lure their woman MP and former Leader of Opposition Hon. Winnie Kiiza to join NRM.

Leaders retreat

The youth leadership demanded to have a retreat organised for them at Kyankwanzi Leadership Institute which the SG okayed.

She, however, added that an arrangement will be made to accommodate the entire district leadership.

Demand for new district

There was a proposal presented to the SG to have Kasese split into two new districts.

She however advised that constitutional procedures be followed with proper justifications.

Need for more visibility

The Secretary General sounded a last minute appeal to Party members here to position themselves well for thorough recognition and in order to benefit from government programs like OWC.

Earlier in the day, the SG presided over the celebrations to mark the NRM massive victory in the LC and Women council elections at Kinyamaseke in Bukonzo East Constituency.

Both events were attended by the State Minister for Agriculture Hon Christopher Kibazanga among other dignitaries.



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