If Amuriat wants to take power, he is dreaming-Matembe

Miria Matembe

Former Ethics and Integrity minister, Dr Miria Matembe, says she has seen Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] grow up and it was a formidable party at one time but somewhere down the road, something went wrong.

“They are not mature politically. This is a problem in all Ugandan political parties,” Matembe said while appearing on NTV ”On The Spot” programme.

In FDC, they are entitled to reshuffle. Changes are necessary, she argued, adding, “We as the citizens can analyse the changes and determine if they are good or bad.”

Matembe said if she was a leader of a party in which Winnie Kiiza is in, she would not change her that early.

“She was doing a good job. Did they change her position for the sake of changing?” Matembe noted.

She added: “But before we talk about FDC reshuffle, we should look at NRM and how it treats all those who were against Age limit? They were taken through all means of dehumanisation and humiliation.”

According to Matembe, if FDC president Patrick Amuriat thinks the changes he is making are to take the party forward and preparing FDC to take power, he is dreaming.

“No way Bambiii. My husband is not a politician but he is concerned. He was shocked when he heard that Winnie Kiiza was removed from the position of the leader Of Opposition.”

Matembe then heckled Buhweju County MP Francis Mwijukye who was appearing on the same show.

“I do not want Mwijukye to act like Kaguta Museveni who rubbished him in Sheema. He should not rubbish political analysts like me who have done their work and helped Ugandans.”

Matembe said one thing she hates is telling lies. “We used to hear about Mugisha Muntu being a mole yet it was not true. If NRM comes up to buy you off then you are the stupid one.”

She argued that the current leadership of FDC (including Patrick Amuriat ) is not building the party.

“Even if NRM comes and buys you, you don’t have integrity.

Patrick Kamara [NTV host]: You mean Rubaramira Ruranga and Betty Kamya don’t have integrity?

Matembe: Don’t tell me about Betty Kamya and Rubaramira when am talking about integrity. FDC in its current status is not giving Ugandans the change they deserve.



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