FDC must put country before self, Muntu backs Kasiano Wadri


Former Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party president Mugisha Muntu has commended candidates who managed to defeat the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] in the concluded elections.

This weekend, Muntu attended the thanksgiving celebrations of two colleagues; Aaron Turahi, who was recently elected mayor of Ndinzi town council and Murigye Donald, FDC chairman Ibanda who was elected Municipal Councillor.

He said both faced the seemingly impossible challenge of winning in areas that are dominated by NRM. And yet they won.

“Their victories are a shinning example of what happens when people look past party affiliations and think of their community’s interests,” Muntu said.

He added: “For us to continue making such progress, I advised both of them make what is called a pitch head in military terms; cross a river, fight and establish a territory from which you can launch further attacks.”

He said these two have crossed the river of fear that holds many competent Ugandans back from offering themselves up for election or doing what they know is right.

“They have battled and established territory in a hostile environment. Now they need to serve the people with dignity and commitment. As they do this, people in surrounding areas will have all the reason to vote for people-centred leaders.”

Kasiano Wadri

Earlier, Muntu and other FDC leaders joined Hon. Kasiano Wadri on the campaign trail for the Aura Municipality position.

He said the people of Arua are determined to get what they deserve: leadership that represents their interests and puts them before any other interests.

“If ever we are going to achieve the change we so desire, we must be willing to look beyond our party, our ethnicity or religion,” Muntu suggested.

Muntu attending a thanksgiving event

He added: “We must be willing to do what is necessary for the common good, even if that means forfeiting an opportunity to further personal ambition. Hon. Wadri is the kind of leader that would readily do that.”

Tough road for FDC

While consulting in Busoga sub-region, Muntu said he promised Ugandans he would consult them openly and that is what his team is doing.

“The truth is, we face tough choices ahead as a party. Pretending we don’t doesn’t help us move forward. Let’s be honest and put the country before self.”

A tweep @Tubalemese1 put it to Muntu that he fired Nandala Mafabi after taking oath of office because he contested him.

“He even replaced every Besigyist by his loyalists. That was normal. His own loyalists voted him out of office for Patrick Amuriat.”

Muntu replied: “I think if you were aiming for truth not grandstanding, you would find that I appointed Nandala Mafabi’s supporter as LOP Semujju Nganda as spokesperson. It’s one thing to say the Party President has the right to choose his team (he does) & another to mudsling.”

Anther tweep Frank Uche‏ @frank2uche told Muntu: “Well I think for a while have been concerned why some of you even refused to work with a democratically an elected president and now am more concerned that this consultation you are doing is gonna be a ground for starting a new party. It seems selfish in my view, reflect your slogan.”

Muntu responded: “From the start, I said our consultations were about whether or not there’s space in FDC for diverse opinions since the party had chosen Defiance platform. I’ve since campaigned & worked for the party. I conceded defeat & handed over. What are you talking about?”



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