Police arrests 370 in city swoop

The suspects

Kampala Police steps up criminal crackdown efforts in a bid to secure the city from the spiking vices of theft, mugging and other drug related crimes.

Another criminal sweep under the operation code named Dumisha Usalaama has been carried out by joint security agencies with an aim of bringing sanity in the city.

The operation led by Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander CP. Moses Kafeero Kabugo follows massive complaints from the general public, car owners about motor vehicle vandalizers found in some impassable streets in the city centre whose main target are side mirrors, lamps, sport rims, vehicle accessories during traffic jam, bag, phone snatching, possession of counterfeits, and other forms of simple robberies.

“Our teams shall not rest till such criminality is fully stamped out of the city,” CP. Kafeero said.

The operation yielded to the arrest of 120 suspects from Old Kampala, 59 CPS Kampala, 70 Kabalagala, 79 Katwe and 42 from Wandegeya.

Most were found in possession of breaking implements, master keys, bags of marijuana and suspected stolen items.

The suspects are currently detained at different police stations under Kampala and are to be subjected to a thorough screening before being arraigned to courts of law.

The screening exercise shall be comprised of local leaders, crime intelligence team, other relevant security stake holders where suspects shall be required to identify themselves and also produce evidence of employment or the local leaders to prove they are responsible citizens.



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