Museveni: it’d be better to die at 96

Museveni lays a wreath on Yona's casket

President Museveni has hinted at his own death saying it would be better if God called him at least at 96 years.

Museveni who has been the President of Uganda since 1986 is now 73 years old. Museveni was involved in rebellions that toppled Ugandan leaders Idi Amin and Milton Obote and has since ruled Uganda for 32 years, still counting.

The president, accompanied by first lady Janet Museveni, was on Friday addressing mourners at All Saints Cathedral, Nakasero at the requiem service of the late Yona Namawa Wapakhabulo.

Yona who passed on early this week was a son to Angelina and James Wapakhabulo (the late).

The late Yona was his college roommate at the time and a member of the University Student and African Revolutionary Front, which Museveni chaired.

Museveni was upset that Yona, who he called his child, died at such a young age.

“It saddens me that Yona has gone at his prime and in such circumstances,” Museveni said.

He went on: “He [Yona] was 46 years old. For me, I think people should go up to 96 or 90 there.”

Museveni paused while the mourners burst into laughter.

He added: “So that we can get maximum value out of them. So, this business of saying that god has called him. At 46? Is God short of company or what?”

The mourners rolled with another round of laughter. He thinks Yona’s death could have been avoided.

He said the heart attack they are talking about came from a simple problem.

Museveni said the tooth problem had been ”paining Yona” for a long time and instead of getting better health care, he was engaged in self-medication.

“According to Josephine, what the doctors told her and what she told me, it was some kind of bacteria. When you don’t treat it, it goes to the heart,” the president explained.

He called it utter carelessness. “It can only go to the heart when you don’t take care of it for a long-time. Even at that stage, if the heart problem is not detected.”

When Yona went to the hospital, they put him in the scan and they saw what the problem was but it was too late.

“So when you are here saying god has called him, I don’t like that. I don’t mind if God takes some of us, in fact I am waiting for Him to call me.”

“He died a mulokole, he will go to heaven. I have never been there,” Museveni added, throwing the audience into another bout of laughter.



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