Kadaga meets girls Kony abducted, made wives

Speaker was escorted by MPs

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga Friday attended the commemoration of the abduction of 180 girls of Lwala Girls SSS in Kaberamaido district.

She was accompanied by the area Woman MP Hon. Veronica Eragu among other MPs and dignitaries.

Kadaga met some of the former abductees of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) who were taken from Lwala Girls Senior Secondary School in 2003.

They are from Dokolo, Lira, Apac and Gulu districts.

Kadaga poses with the victims

Girls were shared among Kony’s commanders

In September 2017, a prosecution witness told the International Criminal Court (ICC) that the top leadership of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) took no action against a brigade commander who disobeyed orders to go to the battlefront and another who released abducted civilians.

Witness P-070, a former LRA fighter, told the court the commander of the Gilva brigade Ocan Bunia was known as coward among the senior ranks of the LRA.

The witness was testifying in the trial of a former LRA commander Dominic Ongwen, who has been charged with 70 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his alleged role in attacks on four camps for people displaced by the conflict in northern Uganda.

Witness P-070 told the court about a widely publicised attack by the LRA on a girls’ school in the Teso region.

He said the attack on Lwala Girls Secondary School in 2003 was carried out under the command of Tabu Ley. He said many girls were abducted but that the LRA released some of them.

“Some of the girls were too fat so they let them go,” Witness P-070 said. He said between 20 to 30 girls remained with the LRA.

The witness told the court Commander Tabu Ley informed Control Altar, the LRA’s high command, about the abduction and Kony ordered him to hand over the girls to Vincent Otti, the LRA deputy leader.

“Some of the girls were taken to Kony to become his wives. Some of the girls were distributed to the commanders who were in Control Altar. Some of the girls were given to brigade commanders,” said the witness.

Witness P-070 told the court the LRA normally operated in the Acholi region but between 2003 and 2004, they carried out attacks in the Teso region, which is southeast of the Acholi region.

He said the LRA went into Teso three times during that period and Tabu Ley lead attacks there. Tabu Ley died in battle during the third LRA incursion into Teso.

The witness said by this time Tabu Ley had left Stockree brigade because he had been promoted to division commander.

Witness P-070 said the LRA carried out two attacks in Teso and Lango following Tabu Ley’s death. He said one attack was on a place called Barlonyo and another attack was on a place called Lira Palwo.

The witness told the court a combined force of fighters from the brigades of Sinia and Stockree as well as Control Altar attacked Barlonyo.

He said the Stockree brigade attacked Lira Palwo. He said each attack was led by Okot Odiambo, who was the brigade commander of Stockree.

Odiambo had an ICC arrest warrant against him, a warrant that was issued at the same time as the one for Ongwen. Odiambo’s warrant was terminated in September 2015 after his death was confirmed.



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