Bryan White hosts youth gangs, gives inmates DStv

Bryan White in Arua

About 500 kilometres away from his home, Bryan White donated household items and scholastic materials on top of liquid cash to the people of Cilio sub county, Arua District.

He also hosted Arua youth gangs to a feast through their different groups to change their mind-set from criminal ones to usefulness.

“We are hosting them at Inzukuru Stadium to initiate them for easy empowerment financially,” he said.

Bryan visiting a prison

‪Later, he shared with inmates at Arua Prisons.

White advised the inmates not to lose hope, saying, “it’s not end of life, stay calm, reform and be good citizen of Uganda doing productive work”.

It was a feast as his team served inmates with eats and drinks.

“We donated blankets, soap, bicycles, sugar, rice, liquid soap, jerrycans, beans, sanitary pads for ladies, pampers for the kids, mosquito nets,” one of the team members told

On top of donations, the foundation will make sure both prisons have full access to DStv starting this Saturday.

“Our CEO also promised to equip carpentry department with modern machines.”




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