Police places Nambooze home under siege

Police besieging Nambooze's home

Police has placed Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze’s home under a comprehensive siege.

The Mukono legislator who just returned from India for treatment today morning woke up to a shocking cordon of her home found on Nabuti road in Mukono Central Division.

“I have woken up to a heavy deployment around my home,” she said.

She added: “My askari tells me that police started besieging my home at 3:00am.”

Before flying to India, Nambooze was under hospital arrest for making statements about the assassination of former Arua MP Ibrahim Abiriga.

Victoria University

Nambooze, on return, accused the government of failing to clear her medical bills in India.

Nambooze had undergone a couple of surgeries at Manipal Hospital India.

“I have been starving. I had no money for my medication yet I had hope in the government to cater for my bills but the Ministry of Health wrote to Parliament and blocked my assistance,” she said during special prayers led by Fr. Paul Ssebitoogo.

Parliament released $7,500 (Shs27million) for her review but the institution did not consider the fact that she would be re-operated.

She said she her financial puzzle was solved by former president of the Forum for Democratic Change, Dr Kizza Besigye.

Last year, she was injured during a scuffle in Parliament as Opposition MPs protested a move to table the controversial Age Limit Amendment Bill.



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