Family asks Bamugemereire to kick Gen Tumwine off their land

Gen Elly Tumwine

A family from Kiryandongo district has appealed to the committee probing land matters to deal with the Minister for Security Gen Elly Tumwine.

Appearing before the Justice Catherine Bamugemereire-led Land Inquiry this week, Gen Tumwine appeared to dismiss the Kiryandongo land claimants in what seemed like abusive language.

However, on Thursday, the family also appeared at the inquiry offices and called for quick public intervention from the inquiry, to decide who owns the disputed land.

“There was, in papers, mud smearing allegations about some land issue. Some criminals are taking advantage of the justice system and that’s what I explained,” Tumwine told NTV after the land probe session.

“There are some criminals in Kiryandongo. The commission will handle them,” he added.

Wilson Tugume, a member of the aggrieved family, told NTV that after seeing the news calling them thieves, they decided to come to the commission.

“We already have the case year against Gen Tumwine and the Indian. We came to inform the commission to call him to explain how we are criminals or thieves.”

He added: “The land is ours. The title is for our father the late John Karegyeya. He got the title in 1997.”

Victims accused the security minister of unleashing terror on them and leaving others groaning with bullet wounds.

General Tumwine is a military officer, professional artist, and educator.

He served as Commander of the National Resistance Army from 1984 to 1987.

He is one of the highest-ranking members of the Ugandan military and is a member of the Ugandan Parliament, representing the Uganda People’s Defense Force.

Immediately after graduating from Makerere University in 1977, Elly Tumwine embarked on a teaching career in various schools in Uganda, teaching Fine Art.

After the National Resistance Movement victory in 1986, he resumed his art. While serving as the Commander of the NRA, he designed the flag, the emblem and the green and camouflage uniforms of the army.

He was appointed the chairman of the board of Trustees of the National Cultural Centre.

In 1992, he launched his company, The Creations Limited, to promote the arts and crafts industry, encouraging artistic values and creativity.




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