Chameleone is the sweetest, says dance-hall queen Patra

Penny Patra

By Faluku Twesigye

Penny Patra real names Katwesigye Peninah, became new dance-hall queen in town, back in September 2015 and has been rocking western Uganda ever since.

The female Afro/Reggae Dance-hall musician, hit the music scene under Lyric Records, a music production company based in Makindye owned by Rodgers Nyangi.

The sexy dark skinned singer was born and raised in Mbarara town. She started her career around 2012, and is a great performer, Big Eye wrote back in 2015.

Patra has recorded several hit songs such as Nankogu, Nambemwe, Amabeere, Kyusamu and the massive dance-hall tune titled Nantamegwa.

Patra on stage

She has been rocking the Western region and gathering fans who especially love her raunchy display of her panty-less body while on stage.

This is what she told Twesigye Faluku, a journalist who started Fatwes Solutions to help youth overcome unemployment.

QN: Tell us about yourself.

Patra: I am Penny Katwesigye but the stage name I always use in music industry is Penny Patra. I’m a munyankole born and raised in Kazo Kiruhura District but many people know that I am from Mbarara.

Since my primary, I have never left Mbarara and it’s where I run everything I own. I am the first born of Mr. Karindori John and Ms. Mangeri Komushana, the Kiruhura stakeholders.

After my Advanced level at Excel, I pursued fashion and design. I developed my music career afterwards.

Patra is a mother of two

QN: How do you spend your leisure time?

Patra: I always hangout in Mbarara clubs, especially at Heats, Ice lounge, Vision empire and at Rwampara. I also spend the rest of the time with my boyfriend or swimming at the beach once in a blue moon.

QN: Which artiste would you call the sweetest after working with and why?

Patra: Jose Chameleone of Leone Island [smiles], he sings about real life experiences. He is also social.

And she rocks a reveller

QN: When did you have your first kiss

Patra: I really can’t remember because I have had several of them. What I can try to recall is that of my Primary Seven Leavers’ party at Mbarara Municipal.

QN: You are known in Western Region for hooking and dumping celebs at your will. Who are you dating these days?

Patra: He is a celebrity in Western and it will be bad to mention his name. All you have to know is that he is very caring and sensitive. We have been together for almost 8 months.

QN: That seems the longest period you have ever dated a guy. Why are you sticking to him this much?

Patra: No, he is just nice to me and helps in my career. My songs like Konka Nankogu, Number Emwe, Kyusamu, Amabeere, get played on Uganda radio station airwaves…besides, I have a full package of love with him.

QN: What do you love about him?

Patra: He is a patient, intelligent, well educated—let’s say an understanding guy. He is a well-behaved social networker and not mean.

QN: In your on and off romps, do you sincerely enjoy sex?

Patra: Why not? I enjoy it when I have it with someone I real love.

QN: You have been linked to an editor of one of New Vision sister newspapers and DJ Western Agaba, a former presenter at Endigito radio, among others…

Patra: Well, a lot has been said about me but I have worked with those guys and they are all amazing. That’s all I can say.



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