Zari’s social media handler arrested over Instagram hack


Omo Dada real names Farid alias Fareed Jjemba has been arrested following the hacking of socialite Zarinah Tlale aka Zari’s Instagram account.

According to a one Patricia Ssewungu, Farid works with Sprout Africa and has been managing all Zari’s social median accounts.

Claiming he was “wrongly arrested” because he is an “innocent guy”, Ssewungu said Farid worked so hard to see that all Zari’s social media accounts get verified.

He is the one who opened up Tifah’s Instagram account (Zari’s daughter) and he has been managing it too.

Recently unknown hackers sent a spam message to most of the celebrities and whoever signed on that link got her account lost.

According to Farid, Zari might have opened the spam link and she ended up losing her accounts.

“Farid fought with these hackers and he managed to restore the Instagram account and he informed this major rescue to Zari and Zari acted to be happy.”

What Zari did next, he invited Farid at Munyonyo where she had slept and on arrival Farid was arrested for hacking Zari’s accounts.

Farid says he can’t hack into Zari’s accounts because he has had access to them for so many years even though it was not known by many.

Zaris social media accounts were hacked on Monday 6th August 2018 while she was in Arua district with tycoon Bryan White.

This came after comedian Anne Kansiime’s Instagram had been hacked as well.



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