Ssegona: MPs got raw deal from a ‘muyekela ninja’

Medard Ssegona

The elections give parties the opportunity to mobilise at the grassroots, according to Busiro East MP, Medard Ssegona.

“I am happy that we defeated in Bugiri which is the home of NRM’s Secretary General,” Ssegona said while appearing on NTV “On The Spot” programme.

According to Ssegona, many people say the Opposition is not doing enough because “they are not in our shoes, sometimes you are also stuck with some incidents and you can’t do much”.

He said when it comes to the Arua election, opposition has to talk and harmonise positions.

“We need to take advantage of the fact that NRM was dehumanised at late MP Ibrahim Abiriga’s burial.”

Appearing on NBS television, Hon. Ssegona said people have been coerced into submission, all institutions have been gagged.

“President Museveni doesn’t want to let the go. Judges [age limit case] were spot on, on the basics and principles of the law, all they lacked was the spine to say no.”

Ssegona says there has been a lot of talk that MPs turned violent, “if we were to beat the right person, we would have descended on Hon. Raphael Magyezi but he never even received a slap. Did you see anyone get a microphone to hit another MP?”

Ssegona agrees there was a fight between the MPs and the army that invaded parliament.

“MPs never behaved with decorum but that started with Hon. Ronald Kibuule [state minister for water] who entered with a gun, we protested to the Speaker.”

He added: “We said we couldn’t operate in an environment with a person like him, and he has a history of violence. I never hit or shouted at anyone, I only spoke but all this could have been avoided.”

According to Ssegona, there are Magyezis in every regime. “Everybody knows that he crafted the bill for Museveni, when you hear him speak about Age Limit, you can think the country can’t do without Museveni.”

To Ssegona, the world is about systems and MPs came to age limit bill as a compromise or say the constitution itself was a compromise.

“In 2005, they removed term limits and I lost again but it’s fine. As an MP, I would wish to even go for 20 years without an election but that’s not the contract I signed with my people. But I wouldn’t resign. I love speaking the truth.”

Ssegona said the MPs who were for the 7 year tenure got a raw deal, they negotiated with a ninja.

“President Museveni has always reminded us that he is always a ‘Muyekela’. Some MPs voted for age limit because they expected term limits in return.”

He noted that President Museveni didn’t want the 7 years, he is been around and he knows how to make his calculations, he played them ninja-style.

Host: What does this mean for Constitutionalism and the rule of law?

Hon. Ssegona: 10 years back! Having a constitution and constitutionalism is a different thing, this was a setback for us and I think we need to go back and look at things.

“Opposition remains strong in this struggle; we have never convinced ourselves that this petition would be the end of the struggle. We are supposed to play different roles and when this is all done, even when we have lost, we shall have done our best.”



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