I’m not big, I’m not a bouncer, Nzeyi fumes in land probe  

Tycoon Amos Nzeyi [NTV photo]

City businessman Amos Nzeyi has denied any wrong doing in the Temangalo land scandal which he sold to NSSF in 2008 at Shs11bn.

Nzeyi in Company of his Lawyer Fred Muwema on Wednesday appeared before the Land Probe Commission over a dispute of land in Temangalo, Wakiso district.

Nzeyi is accused by a one Nazim Mossa and the family of Daniel Mugwanya for selling the Land he did not own.

When he appeared before the land probe, Nzeyi was bitter that he was being referred to as a big man in the country.

Nzeyi loses his temper

Nzeyi told the committee he bought the land title from Abas Mawanda who Musa denies being a family member.

“When I got his [Mawanda] statement here. I was so disappointed. I’m not that kind of person,” Nzeyi lashed out.

He said Mawanda claimed Nzeyi is a big person and unapproachable and that he can’t be taken to court.

“When even the president has been taken to court! How can he say I am unapproachable?” the businessman fumed.

He now went personal: “Saying am very, very big…I am size 34, waist 38 and chest.”

Commissioners led by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire responded with a round of laughter but Nzeyi was not yet done.

Nzeyi: How can you say I’m very big?

Commissioner: I don’t think he meant it literally…

Nzeyi: I’m not very big. I have been 70kgs for the last 38 years. I’m not a bouncer. I’m very annoyed.

Bamugemereire put it to him that there was some foul play in the transaction of the land before Nzeyi had it.

Nzeyi said there was money at play and that is why he got involved, blaming Mawanda for the fracas.

Bamugemereire: When did you interact with Mawanda?

Nzeyi: I met Mawanda regularly at Sheraton hotel, we had tea….

Bamugemereire [impatient]: And did you do due diligence? Am sure you are not a reckless person.

Nzeyi: My lord as I said, I have one problem. Once I have done negotiations, I hand over everything to professional people to secure my interests.

Bamugemereire: The point is that it’s difficult for you not to have known that there was a re-entry. You couldn’t have bought the land without an idea about that.

Nzeyi: Actually that didn’t come to my attention. All I was thinking about was buying that beautiful piece land.



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