Gulu UPDF shooter charged with five counts

Cpl Odaga in court

An army court in Gulu district on Thursday charged a UPDF soldier for shooting three people dead at a bar at Kabedo-pong in Gulu municipality.

Lance Corporal Geoffrey Odaga who is in custody was arrested on orders of UPDF 4 Division Commander Brig Emanuel Kanyesigye.

General Court martial sitting in Gulu heard that corporal Odaga allegedly shot three people dead and wounded one.

He pleaded not guilty to all three counts of murder and one count of attempted murder on Ojok Jimmy who survived.

Odaga is also facing charges of aggravated robbery, making it five counts in total.

During the long trial, Odaga remained silent as two witnesses testified against him.

They are; Dorine Aber, a barmaid and Owacgiu Solomon who was in the bar during the August 5, 2018 incident.

The court chaired by headed by Lt General Ogutti adjourned to tomorrow, Friday.




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