Don’t eat all your money, Ssekandi flags off youth to Middle East

MD Mugyenyi shows VP Ssekandi a copy of one of the worker's visas and passport

The Vice President H.E Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi has flagged off 99 successfully candidates who are going to the Middle East for employment.

Wishing them well at Middle East Consultants Limited head offices in Muyenga, Kampala on Thursday, Ssekandi told those flying out to market Uganda abroad.

He thanked Middle East Consultants for a good gesture that solved employment problem among the youth.

“It [Middle East Consultants] showed concern and commitment to seek employment for our youngsters abroad as a good intervention and service to Ugandans,” Ssekandi said.

He further thanked the company for creating jobs for Ugandans asking the lucky ones to treasure the opportunity given and take advantage of it.

“Be exemplary to earn Uganda a good reputation abroad so Ugandans can be considered for jobs abroad,” he noted.

VP blesses one of the youth going abroad

He said working abroad is useful and helps one experience a new working culture.

“Adapt to the new working conditions. Go through the right channels and use licensed companies like Middle East. We want our people to be safe,” he said.

He added: “When you make the money, don’t eat it all. Save and invest to earn more and live a better life.”

He advised parents to assist their children by being faithful and using their money in the right away. “Don’t steal their hard earned money.”

He cautioned those going abroad to be careful with their lives and come back save and sound. He also cautioned them against abusing and castigating government while abroad.

Middle East Consultants Ltd Managing Director, Gordon Mugyenyi, told the vice president that the company has been in existence since 2005.

MD Mugyenyi addressing parents of the youth going abroad

“The people we take abroad are; unarmed security guards, hotel workers, taxi drivers, general cleaners, among others. We already have over 12,000 workers out there so far and take over 100 every month.”

He said the workers they deploy have documents vetted by Internal Security Organisation [ISO], Interpol and the Ministry of Labour.

“We use the official airport-Entebbe airport. Before arrival, our embassies abroad are alerted and clear the workers when they arrive. When the workers get problems, they contact the embassy,” Mugyenyi explained.

He said those who get problems go illegally without genuine government documents.

He said so far Uganda has agreements with Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar. It will conclude one with United Arab Emirates this year.

“For 15 years, our workers have been out there marketing Ugandan labour abroad,” he added.

He told the VP the company wants to build a training academy to train the workers before they are sent abroad.

“We also want to start sending them in Europe and Canada and the ministry of gender is already working on it.”



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